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"...My (horribly expensive) contract with Three runs out soon - I'm genuinely considering the HMD/Nokia 8110 as an option now if I can find a decent sim-only contract that allows unlimited tethering. Having extra apps for services that my family use in the near future would cement this as an option - even if it means ceding a bit of privacy (because whatscrapp exists, and the phone comes bundled with farcebook).

Pair it with a chromebook/light laptop and I'm still spending less money over the length of a contract than I did with my current phone, and the functionality is at least the same, with the benefit of fewer things calling home, and the prospect of being able to do a lot more much more easily..."

Well...I hate to say it but 3 do a 30 day rolling contract on SIM only that has unlimited data for £35 a month that allows tethering.

I have on for my eldest lads' phone - he's done as much as 50GB tethered to his PlayBox and they never bat an eyelid.

I don't know (but would be happy to be corrected) of any other in that ballpark.

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