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@ H in The Hague

"Without seamless access to EU markets and EU support for poorer areas their economy would probably be in an even worse state"

Unlikely. All that did was open the rich EU to loan money to the poor EU to buy from the rich EU and then when the crash occurred the rich EU was badly exposed in loans they should not have made nor accounted for the risk. As a result the debt that should have been wiped out immediately by default and the necessary deflation of the Greek currency was not allowed, the ECB bought the debt on taxpayer money that is now lost (but they wont admit it) and will be held over the Greeks for a long time when it should be immediately written off. The Greeks still stuck in an awful currency which is overvalued for their country and so inflicting continued damage while being told to suck it up and beaten down every time bailout negotiations occur.

"And without a bail out the country would have gone bust "

Without being in the EU the situation might not have happened. Didnt they build a rail system that could never pay for itself with EU loans. Now the EU owns Greece, as we see every 'negotiation'.

"Please explain how they would be more prosperous outside the EU and without its support."

It would have done what has been proven to work time and time again instead of being forced into the opposite.

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