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Phil O'Sophical>He won't have a right to it, but that doesn't mean he can't get one post Brexit,

You're right Phil. Rich old people who are already receiving a big fat pension and live in a Chateau probably will not have an issue getting a carte de sejour after brexit.

It's a common brexiter misconception that having all your rights removed by your compatriots will just mean you've got a few extra forms to fill. But as so many are of pensionable age it would be difficult for them to understand that for some people work, education & pension rights are now over.

But hey, there are still the shits 'n' giggles as all the deep technical and social issues that'll arise from brexit finally dawn on its architects. I honestly can't wait to enjoy the next few years.

"Brexit means brexit!" That is the soundbite that just keeps on giving in all aspects of this and all the subsequent catastrofucks brexit will so obviously lead to.


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