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the British people ALSO profit(ed) from EU migration, first by lower prices, and second by businesses spending money. Even if it means a fat British businessman (exploiting cheap EU labour, and not employing those eager British youth) - buys a flashy UK-assembled car and fills up locally - this (indirectly) benefits the local population. Same when the food generated through cheap EU labour gets sold in the UK and exported elsewhere. Did I mention taxes (those that the clever UK system allows to be paid in the UK, rather than the one that it lets be unpaid?). All this, and probably other elements have helped the "UK economy".

And coming back to this cheap labour, this is capitalism for you. And I mean YOU, not only those mystical business owners. You buy cheaper, if you can, and sell more expensive, if you can, be it a product or service that you purchase - or sell. I can easily see that, with the UK actually actively blocking cheaper labour, would have had no positive effect on the UK economy, i.e. with higher wages, the UK products would have been less competitive against others - with all the implications this has for UK economy.

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