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IBM memo to staff: Our CEO Ginni is visiting so please 'act normally!'

Terry 6 Silver badge

There's so much meat on this!

The "Potemkin village" aspect alluded to above suggests that the CEO is being kept well away from the way the company functions. Which implies deluded decision making.

The distance kept between CEO and staff ( and tbh as far as "elevator pitches" are concerned I do have some sympathy) suggests something about the hierarchical nature of the organisation.

The sprucing up ( deep cleaning etc) suggests that there are issues about the company's values and consistency of decision making - since why is it considered clean and tidy enough for staff, but not for CEOs?

The fact that senior staff are so anxious about creating this artificial impression suggests that they lack confidence about the efficient running of the organisation.

The very fact that staff are expected to act in a different manner when the big boss is on site sums up a significant issue in the company culture.

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