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Smells like paint

Grandfather was in the Guards for 34 years, and maintained the Queen and most of the upper echelons of the royal family must think the whole world smells of fresh paint.

After they swallowed up SEMA, we had one of the head sheds from Schlumberger US do a state visit to the regional backwater I worked in. Most people had made themselves scarce, and the guys entourage almost outnumbered the grunts in the office.

Veep arrives at my desk

"Hello, and what do you do?" says the man with unnervingly white teeth, looking straight through me

(cluster of Veeplickers behind fix me with baleful stares)

"Err, I sell stuff, sir"

"Well, great job, carry on" comes the reply, and he's already moving away before finishing the statement

As they sweep onto the next poor sod, one Veeplicker murmurs in my ear "well handled, thanks"

So inspiring.

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