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Galileo, here we go again. My my, the Brits are gonna miss EU

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Anonymous Coward

Direct job losses would be measured in the hundreds

no matter, there'll be THOUSANDS of jobs left in the agricultural industry, since Poles and Romanians and other undesirables no longer bother! Also, those currently involved in galileo-related UK jobs will be relieved to know that agricultural opportunities come with splendid re-location and world-class accommodation opportunities in campter vans. Rooms with a view, no less!

but, sarcasm aside, yes, UK will need its own sat system, which means there will be (some) jobs, and those jobs will be paid from the taxes collected from Brits. Unlike NHS funding and care for the elderly, which will NOT come from new taxes, but from them savings on EU money we've bled for years for NOTHING.

but sarcasm aside (2), UK will need its own sat system. At least, to be able to launch them nukes in more or less the right location, eh?

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