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I had a BBC B, Then Master 128, then Archimedes

I miss them all.

Software loaded from tape on the B, or if you were brave via EPROM socket you could install. Games like Imogen, Knight Lore I recall.

Master 128, 5 1/4 dual floppy drives, wow, Only platform I ever got as far as -----E L I T E ----- although the memory of the game now lives on in lots of others. Games like Sentinel.

I think I had bought almost every title from Superior Software by now.

I did plenty of tinkering with coding in BASIC, Assembler, Giving up on debugging copied code from Magazines, and early efforts a at home automation with the "red box system" this sort of thing is apparently novel in spite of the efforts all that time ago.

Archimedes, my first HDD (10Mb if I recall) but I could have 256 colours, bring back Zarch I want to play it again.

And I don't care what they say, I still think the CEEFAX character set was one of the best.

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