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Rasperry Pi fail

>That was possible in the 8-bit world, where a 150-page volume was all one needed before vast, sprawling and hairy frameworks absorbed all the learner's attention.

>And that breadth of learning, more than anything, perhaps accounts for why the 8-bit generation became so accomplished.

Alas, this was EXACTLY what the Raspberry Pi was supposed to do/be: bring back that simpler all-in-one environment to allow kids to get into computers properly, to have that sort of whole-machine involvement that we had as kids, as our own intro to the the whole-scope of computers.

Sadly, in one of the more deranged Scope Fails of all time, they accidentally delivered a cheap tiny unix box for hardware hackers. With all the virtualised insulations/mappings that entails. Utterly utterly antithetic to their stated goal.


there is one larger benefit they've accidentally created:

For anyone with startup aspirations but nervous about ability to convince investors to pony up money, this (very) hard work has already been done for you! Those original investors (and their like) have already been convinced! D/L their original pitchbook and their original investors' contact details, and off you go. You will be the fastest funded hardware startup in history.

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