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>The problem that was behind much of the Brexit vote was that companies took this EU money to develop business in areas like this where exisitng industries had been shut but when they opened the new facilities rather than employing local people who no longer had tradition industries to employ them they brought in new workers from Eastern Europe ... Ithere's one of the warehouse operations in the Yorkshire coal area (? may be Asos) which is a prime example where the new jobs were only advertised in eastern europe. Laws were able to be changed to prevent/limit this but the damage had been done.

ASOS did advertise jobs locally and continually from before they opened at Park Springs (I get the local newspaper so recall seeing the adverts) and continue to advertise - including signs outside recruiting for XPO logistics and on the local buses. IIRC originally, they wanted warehouse staff and call centre staff, but that is now just warehouse staff.

However, advertising jobs does not mean that there were enough applications and the lack of suitable applicants (from an area with relatively high unemployment) did result in having to recruit in Romania and other eastern countries.

It is not easy work (one employer tried to set fire to the warehouse while still inside), and relatively low paid, so not popular with the locals and there was a lot of problems when they tried to start a union.

I think they want good, hard-working, non-complaining staff for not much above minimum wage and at least a few locals would rather be on benefits than work there.

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