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Galileo was squarely aimed at the growing commercial market for GPS, and thus addressing clear deficiencies in the US military first GPS system. However, given how things have progressed since then, we can ask whether Galileo still has a market.

Those questions were asked years ago, not long after the project kicked off. First it was to be a PFI gig, and access sold to willing customers. There were even Enron-like revenue projections, with Enron-style revenue recognition problems. Then it became 'nationalised' and a money pit because despite there only being one true EU, various member states argued, so it was delayed, and the cost grew, and grew.

Additionally, Galileo was about whether Europe should have a space industry or simply buys in space technology developed elsewhere.

That kinda happened. So a firm in Surrey built Galileo satellites. The EU member in good standing Switzerland supplied the clocks.. Which started failing. So after 40bn Euros or so of public funding, there's just about a full constellation of partially faulty flying clocks.. With limited possibility of new satellites being funded, or launched from that well-known part of Europe, Guyana.

Other launch options are now available, especially if you consider the possibility of using lower cost cube-sat designs that could be launched just-in-time, and allow for easier replacement if an enemy has ASATs.. Which for the style of conflicts we've had recently is unlikely. But then those conflicts probably also don't need cm accuracy unless commanders want to make sure their Hesco walls are perfectly square. And if you're delivering 40kt of instant sunshine, +/- a few metres is probably good enough for government work. For other deliveries, it might be nice to know where your missile is, but unless the targets have been thoroughly surveyed, GPS or Galileo won't help you hit them.

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