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>(on the basis that US previosuly imposed no tariff but EU had a "protectionist" 10% tariff)

The US and EU agreed WTO tariffs on cars were: 10% on US car imports into the EU and 2.5% on Eu cars imported into the US.

Given the EU's stated position (wrt cars and other goods) in the TTIP negotiations was: "The EU wants to remove these duties and other barriers to trade, such as lengthy administrative checks, that increase the cost of trade in goods." You do have to wonder just where Trump is coming from with his usage of the national security loophole to impose a much higher tariff, rather than doing some face-to-face negotiation.

I suspect part of the problem is that Trump is using techniques that wouldn't be out of place in the pre-fight showboating, baiting and audience-rousing at wrestling contests...

Interestingly, it does seem that whilst he is grandstanding, accusing US companies like Harley-Davidson of being "un-American" for considering overseas manufacturing, and wanting EU auto-makes to be "un-European" and open factories in the US, the EU28 are playing a slightly different game...

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