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Relive your misspent, 8-bit youth on the BBC's reopened Micro archive


Like Seymour Crays source code which used bit manipulation instructions in places like masking instead of straightforward mathematical operations because it was faster in cray cos, I remember disassembling elite, and learning from the not-so-straightforward parts of the dump the small tricks and techniques to get more from less.

I thought i was king of the hill in the 80s when i went out with my few years of coding to work, only to run up against old mainframe guys who could glance at a page of core dump and spot the programming error!!! That was me put in my place. Took me years to learn that, and only after i went back and covered electrical engineering.

I really miss those days, when it was all about how to get a gallon from a pint pot, unlike now where we seem determined to get a pint pot from a gallon.

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