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the ONLY good thing is that it increases the accuracy for things like your car, tank and the ambulance Navigation system when NOT at war.

I wonder if leaving the EU means we can have personal tanks? Or even APCs? But I digress. So Galileo always had a bit of a problem of being a solution in search of a problem. Like vehicle navigation. But that's been working just fine using GPS and other systems. So the EU's had goes at promoting road charging, and wouldn't you just know it but Galileo was the solution for that! Meanwhile, Galileo rolled on, absorbing large amounts of money and still being !GPS.

Of course if the EU waves money at contractors to work on the project, companies will take the pork. But why would we need Galileo, when other alternatives are available and good enough for most government work? Then again, a lot of politicians are easily impressed and not very tech savvy. Easier to say it's like your phone's map, only better! and take the pork than explain stuff like laser gyros or the way an ICBM can see stars.

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