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Galileo, here we go again. My my, the Brits are gonna miss EU

Rob D.

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@Dr Dan H

> This is already happening right across the EU, hence economic growth is stalling everywhere ... the EU is showing every sign of descending into a long, slow and drawn-out death of its own making.

BS called - That's the OECD data on the EU 28 and if facts count in this debate, rather than made up stuff to suit whatever crud is being trucked out today, it's pretty obvious that growth rates across the EU are broadly unchanged over the last few years - not stellar and with some struggling, but generally steady after recovering from the 2008 crash era

Oh, and almost at the bottom of the pile for the last couple of years - the glorious United Kingdom. No idea why that could be happening though but maybe that same forensic, analytical approach could be applied to determine if it's actually the UK looking more like it is heading for a long, drawn out something (decline rather than death) of its own making.

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