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"The UK is the 8th largest manufacturing economy in the world"

It was the 7th in 2015. 8th in 2017. $555 Bn to $480 Bn in two years.

Now, what major political decision happened then?

For comparison France went from $455 Bn to $500 Bn and Germany went from $982 Bn to $1100 Bn in the same time frame.

The way you have manufacturing jobs is being part of an integrated supply chain and being the best at what you do.

Since being in the EU based supply chain requires being in either the single market, the EUCU or a CU for the goods in question. None of which appear to be on offer from either of the political parties.

Oh, and while we sell 50% of goods to the EU, we sell 80% of our services there. If we can't agree on goods, no way will we agree on services.

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