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> I do find it saddening that so many people refuse to even consider that there could be a better future, and are happy to leave everything in the hands of someone else.

I do find it saddening that some people are unable to recognise that rationally pointing out the impending harm for the country as a direct, predictable and unavoidable result of Brexit in the planned form (sign A.50 ASAP to avoid what happens when the blather is seen through, then see if we can cobble together some fantasy that the EU will buy in to as a favour to the special UK within the two years available) is not the same as giving up trying to get people to see sense.

Let's start with the economic impact of geographically close markets versus geographicaly remote markets, the various studies in this area (go find them, there are plenty to read or listen to, but start with if unsure or try the LSE), the nature of trade deals and trading regions, and the reasons why the bulk of economic opinion is indicating that trade with RotW will not mitigate the impact of leaving the EU, unless either we have the kind of economic collaboration of a Norway-model (and stop being so Middle England about it all) or don't bother leaving the EU on these terms.

Or we can spit the dummy again about not getting what we want when we ask for fantasy stuff or when anyone points out what is really going to happen, eventually leave, then negotiate a Norway-style trade agreement with the EU in a few years time after our economy has lagged by a few percentage points, our stock has gone down a bit for negotiation, and the EU federalists have run riot absent the UK to moderate.

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