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What we get from the EU is actually slightly worse than this. The EU's lawmaking process is slightly corrupt in that anyone with deep enough pockets can covertly influence lawmakers there. This has already been done, to the extent that EU law favours large companies over smaller ones.

Since as anyone with the slightest knowledge of how an economy grows can tell you that most economic growth comes from small companies growing into slightly larger small companies, then any legal framework that disadvantages the small fry still further is going to have an inhibitory effect on economic growth.

This is already happening right across the EU, hence economic growth is stalling everywhere. When Britain leaves, the EU's central command will aim to make up the funding shortfall not by cutting their outgoings, but by levying a tax. This will stall growth still further. Put simply, the EU is showing every sign of descending into a long, slow and drawn-out death of its own making.

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