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>The vitriol of people who are against brexit is perplexing.

>I expect no one using this site has been affected by the EU.

>There are a lot of people affected by the EU policies - and they voted accordingly.

I live in South Yorkshire, which is one of the 10 poorest regions of the Northern EU - one of nine currently in the UK. Hundreds of millions of pounds of EU money has been spent (and is still being spent) to recover from the economic Armageddon unleashed by closing the coal mines and the effects on the supporting industries (and shops, pubs, restaurants, etc). This has transformed old abandoned industrial areas into housing estates, nature reserves and industrial parks and estates resulting in the generation of well over 10,000 jobs.

Conservative governments do not support the region as it is safe Labour seats. Labour do not support the region, as its safe Labour seats.

This is one area that should be very grateful to the EU, but still voted 68% Leave.

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