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Don't Talk To Me - I'm Hard Of Hearing (Wink, Wink) - Use Text!

When I found out all Passport pictures were captured to a computerised database. I progressively changed my appearance with Photoshop over a few years (I usually have to renew every 12-18 months when filled) until a company biometric scanner rejected me. (The US has donated numerous cams to Third World countries).

Then the renowned money launderers, HSBC, surreptitiously introduced 'voice analysis' - without announcement - although their technicians mentioned it in technical magazines.

There are two practical ways to defeat these 'voice analysis' systems. One is to make calls with a radio or other disruptive variable tones in the background. The other is the use electronic filters to narrow a telephone calls bandwidth (especially raising the bass) or a Tremolo unit to distort the voice.

Mind you, when conversing to an overseas HSBC Call Centre, the lines are so poor the systems don't function.

There is little more personal than biometric data.

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