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Re: Why would we be happy? We are still stuck in the EU.

@ Roland6

"But he hasn't got around passporting; if he had, he wouldn't need an Irish operation..."

So you cant get around passporting if we exclude the method of getting around passporting? Ok. Opening a branch isnt the wholesale exodus of the financial industry (as the EU hoped).

"Not seen much good news yet, perhaps everyone is waiting until after 29-Mar-2019..."

So the economy returning to normal on the back of a falling currency isnt good for you? Getting that core inflation back that we need and increasing base rates to unwind the stimulus from the last recession in preparation for the next, none of that is good to you? Full employment, wage increases isnt good to you? If you think its all bad news for the UK you must really have a low opinion of the increasing QE, high unemployment, years behind recovery position of the EU. Or did you not hear about that?

"It would be interesting to see the levels of new foreign investment being made in each of the EU28 since the Referendum and compare it to the past few decades."

And where do you guess the member leaving and in this negotiation period to be? Your prediction that stamping on your own foot will hurt does not impress me. I do question why you think that will somehow leave you unable to walk for the rest of your life (assuming a regular healthy person).

"I find it telling that the projections are constant with the claims made about immigration, namely, circa 300,000 net immigrants contribute 0.5 percent to GDP."

So the very worst predictions which still show us growing (and leave have laughed off) for the worst assumptions being made and you say that is in line with what? I lost track about there.

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