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Ah yes, opt in/out

Me: I don't want to opt in to your voice recognition service.

Droid: Of course sir, no problem, I'll flag your account. You'll have to use some way to identify yourself though.

Me: OK shouldn't be a problem I'll ... (Droid interrupts)

Droid: Our requirements are that you select a contact office (see attached list) that is at least 30 miles from the address we have for you.

Carrying your mobile so we can check your location. Proceed on foot for at least 80 percent of the distance required. To avoid possible interference no motorized or metallic conveyance should be used from that point.

We suggest you proceed as a pedestrian or on horseback. Please time your journey to arrive at the selected office between 03H15 and 03H54.

On arrival please announce yourself with <secret random passphrase that matched what you wanted you to opt in to>.

Me: But I wanted to register a change of address from Poland to Manchester.

Droid: Then you should have started the process a little earlier. The rules require at most 14 days for change of address notification. I'd suggest you go back to Poland and start walking briskly.

Me: ????

Droid: I'm sure that answers you question sir, have a nice day, goodbye

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