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"Say 'my voice is my id'"

"My voice is my passport. Verify me" would have been much more awesome!

Well, not really. Some years ago calling the Xerox help here in Finland insisted on saying to whether I needed technical support, sales or whatever the options were. The company I work for was a Xerox retailer at the time so I needed to ask for tech support weekly. Never in those couple years did it understand my dictation no matter how clearly or slowly I spoke. In the end I gave up, just mumbled something until it gave up and connected to a Real Person. My colleagues never had success either.

Xerox probably couldn't just discard it because:

a) the person who bought it wouldn't admit failure

b) some people got frustrated and didn't call again

c) they bought non-working tech but they'll cling on to it for a few years just because of the costs.

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