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This is Russia we're talking about. Greenbacks are not something they currently have a large surplus of. It's mostly sitting in offshore trust multi-layered, multi-jurisdictional shell companies. If you have a look at the Putin doctrine over the last 18 years and the way the "entrepreneurial' groups, teams, departments, bureaus and whatnot develop their semi-detatched autonomous operations, you;ll notice an innovative disinterest in expensive stealth measures. Consider the notorious troll factory, for instance -- they weren't highly trained FSB or SVR officers, they were 20-something unemployed graduates who just wanted a job and had reasonable English. Same with the myriad of evidence trails thrown off by dozens of people in the Trump set-up. I suspect the notion is that it's a cheap win/win tactic. If the op's not blown, win, you get a puppet into the White House. If the op's blown and disclosed that''s also fine, because by the time the last shady "businessman' has been perp-walked into the Black Marias the public's trust in the institutions of the state and government has been massively eroded, the pro- and antio- camps have hardened their positions to quasi-religious state of ecstatic ingroup/outgroupery, where none of the Trump base will ever believe it's anything other than a coup by the deep state or the UN black helicopters etc etc when he's finally jailed. (Remind anyone of events closer to home?)

In that ops mode, cheapness has a double virtue.

The NATO Handbook is a very good read.

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