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This is why

before you pay for a cloudy sort of service¹, or even rely on a free one, you research who's behind it. These guys *will* go on to start some other company and it would be foolish to give money to someone who has already shown he has no qualms about shitting on the very people who made his business successful in the first place. Because as a rule people who cannot be trusted do not get very far in business. And I know we can all point to the odd exception, but that's how it works for nearly everyone of us.

One bitten twice shy etc.

¹ Personally, not a big fan of those especially since a lot of the stuff that's offered can be coded up in-house without much effort, but it must be acknowledged that they do have a place when you are building something ephemeral, such as an MVP or something that you know is going to be a one-off, short-lived project.

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