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"Er... no, they'll be nagging for a £280 Nintendo switch plus £54 for labo. My kids are the right age for it, but I'd only consider Labo if we already had a switch, which we don't."

Which is why the Lego comparison works, IMO. Lego make a lot more than two sets, so the Lego hobby rapidly passes Nintendo Labo's cost. Once you have the Labo software, you can make new cardboard toys that still work with it: it's not so easy to make Lego-compatibles from old cereal boxes.

But obviously, the Switch's cost is front-loaded. You can't buy a £20 switch mini-kit as a starter like you can with Lego. Once you have a Switch, Labo becomes a much more reasonable looking cost. If you don't have a Switch... I don't blame you for baulking at the bill.

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