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"You mean the ones who were shot... and who just happened to be active members of Hamas, Islamic Jihad etc.? You know, the ones who wanted to break through the fence and kill all the villagers next door? Next you'll be telling us it was a peaceful protest!"

Well, lets be honest. Israel have been killing Palestinians for years for those villagers to live on land that doesn't belong to them. And, to be even more bluntly honest, it's only Israeli news outlets that are saying that. Outside journalists (like the one shot by an Israeli sniper) themselves weren't Jihadists. They weren't members of Hamas either and have reported as such. They were innocent human beings forced in to something akin to South African apartheid, against their wishes, which is resembling genocide every month.

If I rocked up to your house, took over your garden and your kitchen, and built a big wall around where YOU live, you'd be throwing rocks and stones at me too. Wouldn't you?

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