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"...Bit late to the party you lot were. Us Speccy/Amstrad/Comodore 64 kids were well versed in trolling - I can assure you! (Those rich BBC kids never got involved)..."

My very first computer was a Christmas present from my mum and dad - it was an Atari (800XL? had a tape recorder as well as a cartridge slot). Alas, there were issues with the tape recorder so he took it back and swapped it for an Acorn Electron. My dad chose it because it was "BBC Compatible" and therefore educational.

Oh I envied those kids with a Speccy, Commodore or BBC.

I did manage to save up my pocket money though and buy a BBC B+ a few years later.

Wasn't ever very good at programming the thing but I knew what every component on the motherboard did.

You're right the who-has-which-home-computer wars, I was never dragged in once the other kids knew what I had. :)

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