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Big Cable unplugs Cali's draft net neutrality protections yet AGAIN

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The federal government, in 1787, was designed with great care to prevent hasty and ill-considered legislation and inhibit accretion of power to the central government. Most state governments, apparently including California's, were set up similarly. A great many of us consider this a feature, and it has played a significant part in restricting the Trump and earlier administrations alike.

Political negotiations at the committee level like those reported here are not especially noteworthy and usually result from policy and other differences among political parties that are not inherent in the constitution but in the custom of single member districts and first past the post election decisions that usually result from legislation. Sometimes, as seems to be the case here, partisan considerations are not of great importance and other considerations, including graft and corruption, affect the outcome.

Lobbying, including production of "research products" that might better be described as propaganda, whether we always (or only when we agree with it) like it, is central to the free speech clause of the US Constitution's first amendment. It is unlikely that it can be inhibited much without discarding that and giving up to the government control over what we may say, and when.

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