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MOS-SAD: Israeli govt weighs in on Facebook privacy, promises action

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Actions speak louder than words

If they were really concerned about privacy they would support some of the free open source mobile OS initiatives such as UBports Touch, KDE plasma or PureOS. The Israelis supposedly have some of the best programmers in the world, so why not show it by either funding one or more of these OSes or writing some killer apps which give Linux some traction on mobile devices. By providing the source we can all check to see that they are not putting in backdoors/ accessing other parts of the system for they have no valid reason. A good starting point would be to make the UBPorts installer allow you to install any of the other flavours of linux.

IMHO Tizen is guaranteed to fail because the user has no more control over rights than they do in Android, which is not helped when they provide games which want access to your phone contacts, turn internet on/off, read location etc when there is no obvious reason for any of these.

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