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MOS-SAD: Israeli govt weighs in on Facebook privacy, promises action

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"Why do you allow this to happen but not for the government that wants to protect you to collect intelligence?"

Let me see now.

What could go wrong if the service provider takes a dislike to what I do with my account/app/phone? I'm not sure but I suspect they exercise their Ts&Cs and cut me off/block me, rather than sending some burly men to cuff my hands painfully behind my back, put a 'spit hood' over my head and sit me in an unwelcoming room in which an even less friendly individual will shout "YOU DONE IT! WE KNOW YOU DONE IT! JUST ADMIT YOU DONE IT AND WE'LL TAKE THE RAT OUT OF YOUR ANUS AND YOUR BELL-END OUT OF THE MAGIMIX!"

What could go wrong if the government takes a dislike to what do with my account/app/phone? Dunno but it's probably less pleasant than having some Ts&Cs thrown in my face.

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