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So why were so many of the BBC Master Race addicted to Chuckie Egg and Frak! ?

Quality over quantity. Chuckie Egg, Frak!, Aviator, Revs and - who can forget - Elite. The Spectrum and the C64 may have ten times more games released for them than the BBC, but that didn't matter if you had the likes of the above.

Of course, price was another issue. I seem to remember anything in BBC format (software or hardware) costing about 50% more than the equivalent Spectrum or C64. Quality costs.

Speaking as someone who bought a rubber Spectrum 48k using most of my savings, and those of my sister, back in 1983 (I think - it was just after the price came down from £180 to £130) but carried on saving and sold it a couple of years later to help fund a BBC Micro B together with Christmas donations.


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