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Back in 1995 I worked on a one year research project for the UK's Energy Technology Support Unit. At that time the Central Electricity Generating Board had calculated that they could take 1/3rd of their power from renewables without having the install energy storage. The processes used to manage the vast changes in demand over the day were enough to cover any drops in wind energy production.

Unfortunately, too many people have forgotten those calculations and refuse to redo them, just saying, without evidence, that we cannot use intermittent power sources. On top of that, we now have better energy storage systems and much, much cheaper solar cells.

The biggest economic problem is that we will soon have leave all the remaining fossil fuels in the ground, to avoid catastrophic greenhouse warming. At that point we have no choice to use any energy source apart from renewables. Some of them can be stored, such as the renewable growth of woodland (particularly with coppicing), biogas produced from sewage and seaweed, straw and catch crops. It may be time to republish Egon Glessinger's 1952 book, "The Coming Age of Wood".

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