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Tesla fingers former Gigafactory hand as alleged blueprint-leaking sabotage mastermind

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" Other car makers are delighted that Musk is learning all the hard lessons for them"

Other car makers are already building electric cars. You're far more likely to see a Nissan Leaf than you are a Tesla, as Nissan sells a lot more of them than Tesla ever has.

Not sure why people are upvoting conspiracy and downvoting people who point out the facts - "big car" and "big oil" aren't the reasons why Tesla is failing to meet production targets, and making poor quality cars - it's self inflicted. British Leyland would be proud...

Enron Musk would do well to actually listen to Toyota on how to mass produce a quality car, instead of ignoring them and failing to produce anywhere close to the same amount of cars that GM-Toyota did in that same plant, 20 years ago.

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