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That's very true. Jack Tramiel, as controversial as he was, definitely rescued the company and brought some of the innovation and potential back. However, even under the Tramiels, a lot of the mojo and pure fun-factor that made Atari what it fundamentally was gone.

After the Tramiels, Atari was nothing but a name. A husk. Nothing of the "true" Atari, originally under Bushnell, and latterly the Tramiels, remains. It's a corpse.

The name Atari has changed hands a bunch of times since then, it's nothing more than a brand now, a recognisable name to be used as a marketing vehicle, with no one even remotely associated with the Atari of old being involved, none of that Mojo. Just bullshit, hype, vapour, and lies. Consequently, I feel no guilt whatsoever in declaring: "Fuck "Atari" and the fake hype-machine that they rolled in on.".

The whole company can do one as far as I'm concerned. Even if they do release a working machine, I'm not interested.

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