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According to Gridwatch at the present time some 44% of the electricity being used in the UK is generated from renewable sources.

At the time of daylight and year when energy demand is lowest and renewable power output happens to be flattered by brisk winds and sunshine. Conversely last week we had a couple of days when wind power generated nothing.

Unfortunately because of the intermittency, we still need all the conventional back up. So all you save is a small amount of relatively cheap fuel, but you still incur all the capital and O&M costs, plus the costs of the "renewables". So the idea of the system being somehow suitable for renewables is bollocks. And in terms of "no separate renewable electric grid is needed", I'd just point out as one example of the huge and costly modifications needed, the near one billion quid spent on the Beauly-Denny transmission link for the sole purpose of shoving wind generated electricity from the north of Scotland to the middle of Scotland. That was a straight subsidy for the windfarms, with the cost recovered from electricity customers. There's plenty of other examples of how the existing grid isn't suitable for the weak and intermittent output of renewables

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