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Tesla fingers former Gigafactory hand as alleged blueprint-leaking sabotage mastermind

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"Tesla is still an independent car maker"

Well, this sums up the whole issue. People keep putting Tesla into a Car manufacture when it's an Energy & Lifestyle company that doesn't fit into any financial analysis box. Hence they don't understand.

Tesla does produce cars. But, it also produces Gig amounts of batteries that are managed by IP software that beats the competition. This alone would be a nice business.

It also has a Roof Solar Tile that it can't again make enough off. Yet another long queue!

It also has a batteries Tesla PowerWall 2. Despite not making Home use worth it. Rather a lot of Pizza pad have used it to reduce their costs of connection to the Grid. Several other Commercial projects are also being deployed. 1100 last count.

It's associated company happens to be able to put a completely separate Mesh Internet up into the sky which will be accessible to everyone on the planet!

It's like saying Amazon will disappear by 2030!

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