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Yes, the sympathy gene was resonating a teensy bit with Mike there - not too much though. Listening to the audio you can hear the resignation in his voice and I could just picture the pre-meeting with Mike's management:

Mike: I've nothing to show. It's just bits of plastic and cables.

Management: Go on, Mike, we have every faith that you can spin this and make it look like gold.

Mike: But really I'm just the project lead. You've given me a fancy title and responsibility for the budget but I have no power and nothing to offer. We really should call it off.

Management: Look, Mike, it's like this. Either you go and sell this turd as if it's solid gold so we can get some more funding to polish the turd properly, or we fire you, you lose your health benefits and that nice house you live in.

Mike. Fine. Can I swing by the marketing office and take some Atari baseball caps with me - at least they work?

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