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Well, it certainly won't be from Hinkley Point C - the "strike price" has well and truly shafted the consumer even before the things have been built. Not to worry - the government gets another chance to shaft the consumers with Sizewell C

If EDF go ahead, which isn't yet clear. But government have made sure of failure and high cost nuclear power because they've already promised a strike price of around £75 MWh (plus inflation) for the Hitachi proposal at Wylfa. Kepco will expect similar treatment for Moorside (Windscale). The Chinese paymasters for Hinkley have made it clear that the money was only forthcoming if they could build their own design variant at Bradwell.

Which means that the UK's new nuclear fleet will be made up at least four different hugely subsidised designs, two of which have never been built before, and the other which has never been built in Europe before. Whilst the Areva EPR is under construction in Europe, neither of the six-ten year late ones at Oikliuoto and Flamanville have generated power yet. The only company with proven international expertise in building working nuclear reactors at reasonable cost is Kepco, who should have been the first and only choice for UK nuclear power - but its now too late to rectify the compounded twenty year bungling of Britain's civil servants.

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