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Regarding number of Leccy Suppliers who only sell Renewable Leccy do they also have their own power grid to transmit the power to those that are buying it because if they don't then their statement is a load of hooey and the power you buy from them is most probably from a gas turbine power station.

It isn't a load of hooey.

Say a company like Ecotricity puts 1GW of power into the grid then those electrons are actually available to anyone using power not just Ecotricity customers but what they put in is metered.

Then you take some power from the grid and again, it is metered.

You pay your generator for supplying power to the grid (and thus to you).

Yes, the electrons that I'm using to post this reply might have been coming from a CCGT station but the electrons put into the grid by Ecotricity (other renewable suppliers are available) could have been used by you in posting what I'm replying to. It does not matter. What matters is that the source of our electricity is becoming more and more renewable. According to Gridwatch at the present time some 44% of the electricity being used in the UK is generated from renewable sources.

I'm sure that any of the renewable energy companies would love to explain to you how the grid works and how you as a consumer can use and pay for renewable leccy. Even National Grid have an explanation if you care to look for it.

No separate 'renewable energy' electric grid is needed.

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