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Tesla fingers former Gigafactory hand as alleged blueprint-leaking sabotage mastermind

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Everyone else making an EV would be glad to get rid of that pesky startup with the loudmouth CEO that keeps one-upping them and making them look bad.

I very much doubt that. Other car makers are delighted that Musk is learning all the hard lessons for them, pioneering a market that's currently unprofitable, and gaining notoriety for his emotive response to the inevitable problems of a very steep learning curve. If Ford, say, had thrown this volume of money and resource into a production EV, then all major competitors would have been compelled to do the same. Whilst an upstart is doing it, they can do what they're doing, which is much slower and more measured progress.

If and when EVs become the main choice of vehicle, Tesla's early and convincing lead will be worth little. Look at the all the internet search engine pioneers - their various early leads merely paved the way for Google. De Havilland flew the world's first passenger jet airliner, but it was other firms who now rule the airline market. IBM launched the first personal computer and aren't even in that line of business any more. You can argue who invented the smartphone and when, but it certainly wasn't Apple or Samsung who now dominate. And so I could go on. The point is that first movers and pioneers often do well to start with, but rarely survive in the longer term - any good bits will be picked off the carcase and reused, but if Tesla is still an independent car maker in 2030 I'll be amazed.

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