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if it doesn't charge on a windless night, then you don't go to work in the morning. Welcome to the Green world of unreliable inefficiency....

There are a number of Leccy Suppliers who only sell Renewable Leccy. The bigger ones have sources of power from many places around the country. This is either wind or solar or Hydro generation. I don't think that there has been a case where one huge great high pressure has covered the whole of the UK including the wind power generation that is miles out to sea so that there is no wind or solar power being generated.

However there are solutions to even that case. I'll be installing 34kW of Battery in my garage next month. That will allow me to overcome the worse case scenario you paint.

The operatiors of the grid (National Grid) think that having local storage is the way of the future.

34kW will run my home in Winter for more than a week. That means I could go off grid between Christmas and New Year and not use any grid power even if it is renewable.

Slagging off any new tech is a quick way to get upvotes but it won't stop the way things are going forward. Only yesterday, there were moves in Westminster to bring forward the end of ICE cars from 2040 to 2030. London is expanding its ULEZ out to the North and South Circular. Other cities are going to follow suit. The days of using the petrol/diesel engine for private transportation is coming to an end.

That is going to happen. No sarcastic comments or a hundred(or more) downvotes of this post will stop that.

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