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Yup. I'm fully off-grid other than internet and drive a 2012 Volt, which I bought new and which has never been charged from the grid, though I have used maybe ~100 gal of gas in its life so far. Home solar is a famine and flood situation as many love to point out (sour grapes? The flood part is nice!) and the car adds to my serious set of home batteries (60kwh nominal but we don't use all that)- I added a way for it to charge the homestead set in emergencies.

The setup works great, and I'm glad I "overpaid" for this engineering marvel from...GM of all people. Bob Lutz, who ran the project at GM admitted, in a Charlie Rose interview with Elon Musk, that Elon's vision and progress was what drove GM to make a car they'd never have made otherwise, and I'm glad they did - Bob is a car guy (Viper while at Chysler, Vette at GM) - and the Volt is a really good car-guy car.

Which they won't make anymore because it costs too much to have it all. But it is nice to have it all, make no mistake.

Sadly it angers all purists. It runs a gasoline engine as required (I manage to almost never do it past having broken it in, but it's nice to know it's there...) - so costs extra. It has limited range, which doesn't matter much because it has a gas engine, but the electric range is such that even in the boonies, where it's a 26 mile round trip to the beer store - I can hot-rod the thing there and back all I want..

And it can be either a parallel or serial hybrid. What heresy!

What it isn't is a glorified golf cart as a few rally wannabe young'ns have found out to their dismay. These mountain roads where I live are quite a lot of fun.

Thanks Elon for risking it all on your vision to make this happen, even if I didn't buy one of yours. I like that hybrid for now, as it's also a generator that can back up my home power - and drive itself to the gas station to refill if needed; I added an inverter to it to make this happen - other engineers know, it ain't yours till the warranty is voided.

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