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>I am interested in hearing of how negotiations could be pushed better.

?! where to begin...

Given we are where we are...

Remember, the "EU are being awkward" and are sticking to the rules and thus have been very clear: the UK is leaving on 29-March-2019. So I fully expect as this deadline creeps ever closer, T.May et al will accuse the EU of "being awkward" by not being flexible about this deadline...

I suspect there are more corkers that will befuddle T.Mays Brexit monkeys, so I expect March-29 will come and go and the UK won't have a deal... then the fireworks will start as the recriminations begin...

The only real way forward is for T.May to find her backbone and sacrifice "Conservative party unity", it doesn't really matter which way she goes, the negotiations will go better; albeit not necessarily in the direction some are wanting. [Aside: As I don't see Labour being any more capable, there is a flaw in this plan... :) ]

>Not that that should be a problem as we just walk away until the EU realise they are not acting smart.

So basically, by "walking away" you are implicitly accepting the EU are right to exclude the UK from the Galileo project, because that is what the rules - as amended by the UK - say...

>To what particularly do you reference?

Well, given those who voted Leave didn't expect to 'win' the referendum, it is notable how to many (ie. those who express a public opinion) the bogeyman EU has grown in size and maleficence.

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