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Sorry to get you digging up the antique stuff.

Because this is my first posting on this website, I did not know the threshold for restrictions. My initial posting got rejected probably because I included explicit URLs to the latest IETF paper on the subject through my business's website. My resubmitted version without URLs appeared to be acceptable since you have read it. However, I knew it was so academically vague that it could lead to misunderstandings.

I am glad that you know how to find material on the web from sketchy data points. Since you have located the beginning of my public reports (which referred the solution as ExIP), may I provide you the follow-up hint that the document series has been advanced to version 03 with an even more condense title?

It appears to me that you hide the URL behind a hyperlink to get through the screening. So, if you can not find the EzIP version on IETF, let me know. I will try to provide that URL through the hyperlink technique.


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