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I will give a reasoned reply but you are obviously so stupid it will only be wasted on you. This policy has never been used by any previous administration, Democrat or Republican, Any claims to the contrary are as invalid as the pizzagate and birther hoaxes perpetrated by self-serving political hacks on simple-minded bigots such as yourself. It was developed by John Kelly while at the DHS and Jeff Sessions and implemented for the first time this spring; there are transcripts and recordings of the interviews where the policy was discussed, all given before public reaction became too hot to handle. Also, you do not need to separate children from their parents to secure the border; you can detain them together if you wish, the alternative is not to let them out free in your white, Christian (but, only certain kinds tolerated) nation. One of the biggest problems with politics today is the absurd belief that the only alternatives are the two ultra-extreme poles; there is a middle ground where the truth and good policy is usually found.

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