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>I am not sure you read the points. Living in fear is not a way to live.

Yes, I did read all the points and they made me (ruefully) smile; from the emotive language being used across many forums, it would seem that many Brexit supporters are living with an unhealthy level of paranoia about the EU...

But once again you demonstrate that you don't understand what I'm saying. So let us be clear, there was the Referendum which fundamentally was about Leave-Remain and living happy ever after, and then there was after the Referendum, where the focus was on implementation and "honouring the result". I'm talking about after the Referendum.

>This mess is the result of desiring to remain.

No the mess is entirely down to the Brexiteers, remember whilst the various Brexit camps could agree that the UK should leave the EU, there were vast differences in viewpoint of just what 'Brexit' meant. The Leave camps (and specifically those in the Conservative party), in their haste to grab on to power, just didn't bother to clarify matters, probably because they thought once in a position of power they would be able to prevail over those with different ideas. Hence why T.May has repeatedly asked for people to get behind her - she wasn't talking to Remain supporters but to the various Leave camps - particularly those within the Conservative party and thus preventing the development of a coherent government stance.

>The EU could if they want....

I read this as just another outing of paranoia...

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