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Re: Separating kids from parents ? Us Brits can shut up, oh, so can the French!

The UK policy seems slightly different, in that we will attempt to keep at least one parent and children together.

In theory, maybe, not in practice ... or maybe the three people (different couples, from different backgrounds) who mentioned this on Radio 4 were dishonest ?

The first lady on Radio 4 clearly stated that she was separated from her kids, had to call friends in the US to pickup the kids from the airport which was hundreds of miles away from the friend's house and take care of them while they tried to sort out the mess ... no, she did not think it would be a problem, nobody in his/her right mind would think there would be a problem moving back to the UK with your kids, if you are a Brit.


That seems to lead to us deporting children who, in themselves, are UK citizens.

Have you had a look at the clustfsck it is to get passports for your kids, when only one of the two parents is British, and kid was born overseas ?

Akin to:

If the child was born on or after the 11 March 2001 and before the 18 October 2003, the mother is British, and her step-uncle's best mate's right door neighbour was a bank manager between 12 March 1974 and 15 June 1975, the child is entitled to British nationality.

You have quite a few of those for British mums ... if only the father was British, then it is much simpler, in short, born on or after 29 February 2004 or something stupid, of course not entitled, what did you expect, equality ?

So, then you have kids of various ages where only one is entitled, how fair is that ?

Why so complex ?

What difference does it make where a child is born ?

What difference does it make when a child is born ?

What difference does the sex of the British parent make ?

What difference does the job of the step-uncle's best mate's right door neighbour make ?

What next, phase of the moon ?

I think that if one of the parents has nationality x, kids should be entitled to the same - simple, no dicking around, saves a lot of paper and hassle. Worse case scenario, they have to give up the nationality they hold at the time of request, fine ... crikey.

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