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I admit the tech sounds interesting, but this almost sounds like using microcode as an instruction set, the same *kind* of way RISC made CPUs lightweight but not necessarily faster (ARM still catching up to x86 tech).

Isn't this kind of backwards? Remember ARM were an order of magnitude faster than X86 when they debuted, it's just the focus switched to low power/embedded when Intel's focus remained on high performance.

Microcode was the way of getting the benefits of RISC on the horrific X86 instruction set.

It wasn't until the advent of OOO and superscalar stuff around the P5 that the Intel stuff really took off speed wise, by that point Acorn was almost dead and the market for ARMS were phones and PDAs and the like. Ironically the 'everything can have a conditional flag' approach ARM took with their instruction set didn't lend itself well to the OOO and superscalar stuff.

A modern ARM core, especially a 64bit one tunes for speed can be quite quick too. See the CPUs coming out of Apple for example.

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