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Real opportunity to move forwards

Todays chips are based on old x86 and x286 instruction sets. The whole way that the page large memory sets makes them unnecessarily complex. We can see this with the way that branch prediction and optimistic instruction execution has cause Spectre and Meltdown bugs. These are bugs that are fabricated in the silicon, making them very difficult to correct. In fact, it will take Intel and AMD years to come up with CPU designs that eliminate them completely.

Add to this the number of legacy instructions in the hugely complex x86 chipset that have to be maintained, because somewhere, some bit of code, might just make use of them.

If Microsoft really have come up with a parallel execution model that allows predictive execution to be handled not at the CPU but at the compiler level, then this just might be something new. It is early days, I know, but it sounds interesting. If they can do this whilst making the context switches efficient, then this might be a way forward to a whole new chipset. If that can be done whilst making motherboards simpler, then so much the better.

I do take on board that Microsoft may very well embed hardware instructions that detect illegal use of Windows, then that is their absolute right to do that. (Last week I sat in a major airport in the middle east, in a lounge, amusing myself that the display panels had "This version of windows in not authenticated" in the corner!). Why does this bother people? If you want to run Windows, then you should pay Microsoft for your copy.

They may very well include DRM. Again, is this necessarily bad? If half the people who pirate films, games, music actually paid for it, the net cost would be driven down. (And yes, I do believe in Santa Claus, thank you.) Again, personally, I don't see this necessarily as bad.

But note the article - they already have Linux running on it. So, you can have your FOSS system, with all the access you want to the hardware. You can roll your own pirate scheme for you and your friends if you want.

The summary is that Microsoft may chose to break the Intel/AMD monopoly with a chipset and instruction set that is designed for the 21st Century. And that sounds to me like a good thing.

This is from someone who is very anti-microsoft and runs Linux everywhere he can.

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